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Bail companies 
will pay cash for 
All reputable Bail companies require a cosigner before a bond is written. Usually the cosigner is a family member or friend. Once this occurs the cosigner is responsible to pay the full amount of the bond if the person bonded fails to go to court and flees. The courts will then order the cosigner to pay, failure to do so can result in their personal items being sold at auction,seizure of vehicles and homes, even wage garnishment. People who are bonded out are told this at the time of their bonding. 
Turning in a bail jumper is not betraying them, but helping the family or friend they left to pay the bond. You can remain anonymous and still collect the reward. You will be given a case number once the person is arrested by our agents on your information you will be able to collect your reward. The next link up top is the Wanted button. These are people wanted by our company some may have a reward some may not.